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Date: 21st July 2016
Bark Collar
Shenzhen LoreWin Technology Company is one of the leading China bark collar suppliers, welcome to buy our cheap bark collar or wholesale products from us.PicturesModelDescriptionPacking DetailsLY-05SRechargeable Mist-spray barking stop device No any hurt , it is the most humane way of stopping bark ,Advanced?reliable?safe ? effective,Power supply: USB cable Green and Black collar for optionalCTN: 50X41.5X20.5 cmQty/ CTN?24pcs/ctnN.W: 6.8 kgG.W: 9.5kgLY-05Mist-spray barking stop device No any hurt , it is the most humane way of stopping bark , (products with a bottle of spray liquid Power supply: DC4.5-6V Current in spraying :100mACTN: 46*41*21cm Qty/ CTN?24pcs/ctnN.W: 5.2 kgG.W: 9.5kgX-888No Bark Collar (New 2015) Automatic battery saving function ? Waterproof and Rechargeable3 warning beep first then 7 times shock 6 levels for shockG-box :170*140*45mm CTN?45*35*30cm Qty/ CTN?36pcs/ctnN.W: 10.5 kgG.W: 11.5 kgBT-6Bark Terminator Advanced Bark Control Collar Rechargeable (built-in battery) Can adjust sensitivityG-box:17.5*13.2*5.2cmCTN?42*36*40cm ?Qty/ CTN?75pcs/ctnN.W: 12 kgG.W: 13.9 kgBT-3Bark Terminator ?,Voice control Can adjust sensitivity 1pcs *4LR44 6v batteryCTN?55*35.5*36.5cm Qty/ CTN?75pcs/ctnN.W: 10 kgG.W: 11 kg ?Volume Weight:15kgBT-1Bark Stop Voice activated shock collar Effective on dogs from 2kg to 60kg 1pcs *4LR44 6v batteryCTN:43*36*30cmQty/CTN:120pcsWeight: 15kgBS-8Bark Stop CollarEffective on dogs from 2kg to 60kg Can adjust sensitivity 1pcs *4LR44 ?6v batteryCTN:43*36*30cmQty/CTN:120pcsWeight: 15kgBK017Dog Bark TerminatorIIIAdvanced pet barking control collarstopping barking under weak shock humane 1pcs *4LR44 6v batteryG-box :18.8*12*4.4cm CTN?55*35.5*36.5cm Qty/ CTN?75pcs/ctnN.W: 13.5 kgG.W: 16 kgBK208No-Bark Collar Automatic ultrasonic is adjustableThe latest intelligent sensing program prevents mistake-trigering effectively?2pcs *AAA 1.5V batteryG-box: 9.5*9*5cm ?CTN:42.5*34.5*30 cmQty/CTN:105pcsN.W: 12 kgG.W: 14 kgBK209Bark Stop Collar?Automatic voice activated shock collar Can adjust sensitivity Power: 6V Alkaline batteryCTN:35*34*44 cmQty/CTN:120pcsN.W: 13 kgG.W: 15 kgA-101No-Bark Vibration Collar Without shock , only vibration Vibration level adjustable Power:3?button cell Battery 4LR44CTN:33*36*47cmQty/CTN:72pcsWeight: 13kgA-110Voice Activated Shock CollarNew intelligence sensing program, can distigush pet barking and discharge static eclectity to stop it automaticallyCTN:53.5*46*37.5cm Qty/ CTN?96pcs/ctnN.W: 10 kgG.W: 11 kgVolume Weight:19kgA-015Ultrasonic Bark STOP having a great efficient on stopping or changing pet's bad habit of barking , biting and runningCTN?55*35.5*36.5cmQty/ CTN?72pcs/ctnN.W: 7.5 kgG.W: 8.5 kg Volume Weight:15kg PP bag :300pcs/ctn Weight :16kg/ctnA-850Automatic Dog Trainer with charger Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation 6 intensity levels (2-7) for a wide variety of dispositions7 Sensitivity levels (1-7) adjustable for different ?dogs and environments Water-proof and RechargeableCTN:35*42*44cm Qty/ CTN?50pcs/ctnN.W: 10 kgG.W: 13.5 kgBC-001Rechargeable Automatic electric shock barking stop device Built-in 3.8V lithium battery 100% waterproof and submersible10 levels of static stimulus On/Off Switch -for longer battery life High quality belt ,Easy to operateCTN: 42*38*30cm Qty/ CTN?12pcs/ctnN.W: 7 kgG.W: 8 kgH-1666 Level Waterproof Rechargeable Anti No Bark Shock Vibration Dog Collar ?Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation4 intensity levels (2-5) for a wide variety of dispositions6 Sensitivity levels (1-6) adjustable for different dogs and environmentsCTN?44*34*34 cm Qty/ CTN?46pcs/ctnN.W: 11.5 kgG.W: 13 kgBrown/ BlackCSB-10Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control ?3 sensitivity levels (activated at 15, 30 or 50 feet) as well as a test level audible to humans. Requires 9 Volt Battery (not included) No collar is needed Safe and effective for all sizes of dogs.G-box : 16.8*13.5*13.5cm CTN : 60*32*39.5cmQty/ CTN:16pcs /ctn N.W: 11kgG.W: 12kg Volume Weight:15.5kgCSB-11Indoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Automatically corrects excessive barking Activated automatically or manuallyNo receiver collar neededDetects barks up to 8 meters away ? 1pcs *9V battery (not included)Item size :15*12*7cmCTN: 59*25*30cm Qty/ CTN?32pcs/ctnN.W: 9kgG.W: 10kgBlack/ Pink HB-3Automatic Anti Bark Bow-tie Collar ? ?Designed for all size of dogs Waterproof construction Battery :2*CR2430 3VItem size :20*13*5.5cm CTN: 56*55*25cm Qty/ CTN?50pcs/ctnN.W: 5 kgG.W: 6.5kgCK-01Click Clicker Desigh for sound sensitive animals Just pull one button to activate the clickCan be also used under your foot With wrist strapCTN: 68x36x31cmQty/ CTN?250pcs/ctnN.W: 7.5 kgG.W: 8.5 kgVolume Weight:15.5kg PP bag :500pcs/ctn Weight :9.5kg/ctnCK-02Clicker with Whistle Desigh for sound sensitive animals Just pull one button to activate the click Can be also used under your footCTN: 68x36x31cm Qty/ CTN?250pcs/ctnN.W: 7.5 kgG.W: 8.5 kgVolume Weight:15.5kg PP bag :500pcs/ctn Weight :9.5kg/ctnLY-001 (silver)Dog Whistle ?Use to call your dog or stop barking?Teach your dog commands with this whistle?Control your dog whenever he gets out of line?Great tool to have when you are training your dogWeight :12g/pcs Length :0.8*5.4cm Qty/ CTN?300pcs/ctnLY-002 (Black)Weight :15g/pcs Length : 0.9*8.0cm Qty/ CTN?300pcs/ctn
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