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Date: 21st July 2016
Citronella Bark Collar
Shenzhen LoreWin Technology Company is one of the leading China citronella bark collar suppliers, welcome to buy our cheap citronella bark collar or wholesale products from us.Upgraded rechargeable Citronella Spray Bark Collar?Features:*?Safest citronella spray bark collar;* Rechargeable collar;* Advanced technology to target only excessive barking;* Low power consumption* Black & Green 2 color optional;* OEM & ODM available.?Description:Newest innovation product in market engineered with the latest advanced technology. Only corrects dog every 2nd bark with 10 seconds. the citronella bark collar is the most effective tool on the market to help you eliminate unwanted behaviors and excessive barking. Safe, lightweight, gentle and human with no harmful shock. ?How it works?The citronella bark collar works to stop excessive barking harmlessly, which uses a microphone and a vibration sensor to pick up your dog's bark, then releases a burst of citronella spray in front of his snout to?distract him from his barking behavior. Wehn used consitently,?the product?will help to curb your pets annoying bark.?Types of bark control products:Dogs bark to communicate. however, when a dog's bark became excessive, bark control devices are training tools that can be used to effectively correct and reduce nuisance barking, which senses barking and emits an aversive signal that deters a dog from continuing to bark, depending on the type of device, the signal is communicated through touch(a static or vibrating sensation), smell(a citronella spray) or sound(Ultrasonic tones).?-Static collarThis type of collar delivers a static correction to your dogs, you can choose the best level of correction yourself or set the device to start at the lowest level and increasing proportionally until your dog stops barking.?-Vibration collarThis collar delivers a random duration of vibration that interrupts the dog's pattern of barking, the vibration device is activated by a dog's own bark(Not by another dog barking nearby). There are useful tools for multiple dog households.?-Spray collarSpray collars deliver a gentle blast of citronella spray that interrupts barking. Dogs find the spray unpleasant and gradually conditioned to stop barking.?-Ultrasonic deterrents and?collarUltrasonic bark control devices deliver an unpleasant tone that dogs hear, but most humans can not. There are two types of ultrasonic devices. The first is a stand-alone device that can be heard by multiple dogs, the second is an ultrasonic collar that is designed to only affect the dog wearing the collar.?Accessories:1 x Citronella collar with soft TPU belt1 x 3oz refill bottle1 x?USB cable1 x English manual?Note For Using:When first using, you should check under the dog's neck to make sure there's no wound. It's also a good idea to brush their coat and check their skin daily.?Packing:CTN MEAS50*42*21cmQty/CTN24 pcsN.W6.8 kgG.W9.5 kgVolume Weight10 kg??
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