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Date: 21st July 2016
Water Fountain
AussiePup DF-01 Outdoor Water Fountain Nozzles For DogsFeatures:?-?AussiePup?DF-01 Outdoor Water Fountain Nozzles For Dogs;- Provides your dog with clean and fresh water anytime;- Saves water and Money;- No more spilt or soiled water;- No more chewed up bowls or buckets;- Never need to fill or clean a water bowl again;- Provides you with assurance that they will never run out of water in your absense.Product Description:?The AussiePup?water fountain nozzles has been manufactured to fit the standard Australian garden tap, meaning we use a 3/4'' BSP thread, which is the standard size and thread used here in Australia(Some NSW house holds still use the old 1'' tap, we have an adapter which NSW customers can purchase with the?water jet fountain nozzles for $3).The AussiePup?water fountain nozzles will also save your money and water by utilizing its low flow design. No matter how high you turn on the?water jet fountain nozzles tap, only a low(Best suited for drinking) flow of water will be released during use.HOW TO USE:?1. Attach the AussiePup?water fountain nozzles to your garden tap by screwing in an anti-clockwise direction, turn the tap on and check the pressure by pushing on the pin;2. We recommend that you remove all available water sources and spend some time playing with your dog to help build up thirst, it wouldn't hurt to get some basic training in, along with some yummy treats;3. Assuming you have already setup the AussiePup water fountain nozzles, turn the tap off and slowly loosen the connection. Very gently, turn the tap back on and allow a slow tricke of water to flow out over the top of the connection.4. Introduce your dog to this new water source and encourage them to lick the water directly from the AussiePup water fountain nozzles, this will quickly teach them where they can find water.5. Before your dog has quenched their thirst, turn the tap off and tighten the AussiePup?water fountain nozzles once again, push on the pin and increase the water pressure to a trickle, release the pin and continue to?encourage interaction with the?water jet fountain nozzles.TIPS:?* If you feel that your dog has an aversion to water, keep them away while you loosen the connection - A sudden burst of water may cause your dog to be fearful of the tap and could prolong the training process;* Be sure to praise and reward any interation with the?water jet fountain nozzles;* If your dog seems to have lost interest in the water, repeat steps 2~5;* You can try placing some honey, peanut butter or wet dog food on the pin to encourage licking.FAQ:?Q:Is it easy to install?A: Yes, installation is simple, you just screw the AussiePup?water jet fountain nozzles onto your garden tap, and it's ready to go.Q: Is it easy to train my dog to use the AussiePup?water jet fountain nozzles?A: Yes, generally dogs are able to use the fountain within 5~10 mins, please visit our youtube page for instructional videos and tips on how to train your dog, or see above for written instructions.Q: Will it rust?A: No, the AussiePup?water jet fountain nozzles has been made from stainless steel and will not rust.Q:?Do you ship internationally?A:Yes, we do, but please be aware that this product has been designed to fit standard Australian garden taps, it is suitable for using in any country that uses BSP(British Standard Pipe) thread 1, this includes New Zealand and UK.Q:Do your products come with a warranty?A:?All products come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We will provide a brand new item or part for any product found to be defective.
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